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Learn how to build a profitable real estate portfolio, reach financial independence and do so while KEEPING your full time job.

My name is Kim Kesterke, the founder of the W2 Landlord brand. Real Estate investing changed my life and helped me take a sabbatical from my corporate job at the end of 2022. I am an AVID supporter of Real Estate Investing as a side hustle and have found ways to help others do the same. I have tested and tried a variety of different strategies such as house hacking, buy and hold, wholesaling, fix and flip, rent to own, contract for deed and land installment contracts. Welcome to my website- and I would love for you to join our Facebook Community. Links are housed throughout the site. Enjoy and I look forward to connecting with you!!


I'm so glad you found the W2 Landlord Community!

My name is Kimberly (Kim) Kesterke and I am the creator of the W2 Landlord Community. I achieved financial independence through real estate investing in just 5 years, while working a full time job, managing my rental portfolio from a distance and raising an active 8 year old. My tools, resources and strategies have helped others increase their cash flow, acquire a profitable portfolio and utilize real estate investing as a tool to reach financial independence.

Achieve Financial Freedom through Real Estate Investing

I've been investing since 2006 and have tried a lot of different strategies. My goal is to help shorten the learning curve to help you achieve Financial Independence in 5 years. My courses and content can help you:

  • Master processes to successfully acquire deals

  • Learn strategies the professionals use to leverage other people’s money

  • How to get the funds to reach Financial Independent number quickly

  • Execute proven processes to find and keep excellent, qualified tenants

  • Invest in profitable rental properties out of state


Grow your wealth one rental at a time..

$24,000 Cash Flow in 1 year

Laura S.

I took Kim's course and learned a lot about House Hacking- prior to working with Kim I never imagined I could own rental real estate. I didn't realize my vacant basement could be converted into a furnished rental. With a small investment and help from Kim, I now earn $2,000+ a month renting to traveling nurses. That is a $24,000 increase in my income just from following Kim's strategies.

66% Boost in Cash Flow

Amanda D.

I purchased a rental property 2 years ago and placed a tenant right away with Kim's help. The lease came up for renewal and with the market rent increases, Kim gave me the exact verbiage and process to communicate a rent boost. I have to say I was shocked to realize a 66% boost in cash flow with Kim's help.

My First Furnished Rental

Liz T.

I was extremely nervous to become a landlord when I purchased my first rental property. With Kim's help, I was able to not only purchase the property, but furnish it, place it on several websites and find a corporate tenant right away. This will add $27,000 of gross income to my retirement.

My mortgage is paid 100% from my Basement Apartment

Andrea W.

I have a small basement apartment that I was renting out for $750.00/ month to students. When Kim told me I could furnish it and double my total rental income- at first I didn't believe it. However, by going through Kim's process- I was able to furnish the space, and find a tenant at $1500.00/ month- DOUBLING my money in just a few short months. I just gave myself a $9,000 pay raise with Kim's help!


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