How it Started

Here is the photo of my first rental property.. in 2006 I purchased this as a primary residence and never dreamed my investing journey would go beyond this home..

The whole concept of The W2 Landlord came to me on a car ride coming back from a visit to my rental properties. 

I had been investing for roughly 10 years at that point and realized that I liked my job, didn’t want to quit, but knew real estate investing could be a tool for a comfortable retirement. 

 I figured I could slowly build a portfolio with a conservative approach and live off the cash flow forever and ever…

At that time my 401K was getting eaten up with fees, wasn’t really making the return I wanted and retirement seemed a long way off..

And then I realized that the narrative in Real Estate Investing communities was more of how to QUIT your job than it was KEEPING your job. 

I had a “huh” moment.

I mean, if I was treating real estate as a retirement vehicle ONLY - not my sole source of income- wouldn’t there be others there like me?

That was when The W2 Landlord concept was born. Since then over 4,000 people have joined the W2 Real Estate Investors community and we keep growing. My coaching clients have earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash flow, and they aren't stopping there. 

I believe that Real Estate Investing provides you the FREEDOM of CHOICE. If you want to keep your job. Great- keep it. 

If you want to build up your cash flow each month to eventually quit- then awesome- quit your job.

The beauty of it all is that real estate investing allows you to choose the path that works for you. 

Contributing to the Real Estate Investing Conversation

Being a real estate investor for over 15 years, I have gained a tremendous amount of experience in negotiating seller finance deals, landlording, managing rental properties from a distance and building a profitable portfolio. If you are interested in learning how I can help you- please feel free to reach out.

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