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Network + collaborate with other people who have full time jobs but also invest in real estate.

Conservative Ways to Invest in Real Estate

Creative Financing | Rent to Own| Land Installment

If I was starting over today- I would be more focused on being the BANK instead of being the LANDLORD. - No Maintenance - No Management. Just more straightforward Cashflow. I am now working with investors and helping match them to deals and opportunities where they can be the bank. If you are interested in this concept and want to join my community of investors, evaluate deals as they come through and check this out- then please fill out the intake form below.

Get in the Room

Dive in deeper on real estate investing strategies, learn how to support your lifestyle with real estate investing, and cross collaborate with others like you.

The #1 game changer for me to take action and build a real estate portfolio that could support my life was GETTING IN THE ROOM. What do I mean by that? I had to immerse myself with other investors who were at the TOP OF THEIR GAME. I am curating a mastermind group for those just like us- who have full time jobs but want to build a cash flowing real estate portfolio that can support their lifestyle. Each week I host classes, bring in experts and host office hours. If this resonates with you, then click below for more information.

Private Coaching

Do you just need that nudge to find the right investment strategy for you?

This is a 30-45 minute strategy session where we will unpack a specific question you have regarding real estate investing. We can analyze a deal, talk about ways to get started, doing your own property management, or any other questions you may have.